# ANTEATR is a freelance artist based in Pittsburgh, PA.
He lives with his spouse and four cats, and spends most of his time being nocturnal and drawing.
You can view his art here, and contact him here.

# I like: crustaceans, anteaters, other xenarthrans, cetaceans,
other things with long faces, things that are alive but not made of meat,
extinct arthropods, other extinct animals (especially megafauna),
Pokemon, synthesizers, the colors CMYK, stripes, seamless tiling patterns,
spicy and savory food, carbonated sugary beverages, foreign candy,
stickers, smoking, speculative evolution, animal psychology,
bad movies & B-movie horror, language & etymology, gluten free food & cooking,
and my three cats. And probably a whole bunch of other crap, too.

# I don't like: the internet, anime, pretty much anything that isn't
listed above is a safe bet.

# Who I am: Is not as important as the things I create.
None of my characters are my "fursona" (I stopped doing that years ago),
they are all individuals. However, the ones that I use to express myself
the most are Blue and Myr. None of my most important or self-representational
characters have real names, just words. They also rarely talk,
and have simple designs. That's all on purpose.

# I don't want to talk about: Religion, politics, gender,
sexuality, fandom dynamics/drama, mental health issues, physical health issues.
Unless I know you very well!

I tend to be really long-winded
and I apologize in advance for that if you have to talk to me!